Energy certification


In S2E we make Efficiency Studies / Energy certifications in Seville for individuals and company for housing, offices, premises, sheds and buildings.

We offer the best service, fast and integral, solving any issue that appears during the engagement of your energy certificate. With this in mind, we manage all the process for you: displacement to your home for the technical inspection, elaboration of the documentation and registers in the Junta de Andalucía.

Furthermore, we contribute with a report of corrective actions to improve your facilities. This actions will have only an informative character, and will help provide to the owner a register about the actionsto optimize the efficiency of his dwelling.

Energy certificates for buildings

In Spain from 1 June 2013, houses for sale or rent must have an energy performance certificate. Otherwise, owners can be fined with penalties ranging from 300€ to 6,000€, depending on the Real Decreto approved on April 5, which was supplemented by a number of amendments in the Rehabilitation Law.

etiquetaThis certificate will specify a scale of seven letters from A to G, the level of CO2 emissions compared to the dimensions of the building. The aim is that the buyer / tenant can assess and compare the energy efficiency as an added factor in decisions to buy or rent. The price of the energy efficiency certificate is determined for the own characteristics of the each dwelling.

How is it done?

In a building, energy efficiency is calculated by measuring the energy consumed every year under normal use and occupancy. It takes into account all services used regularly, like heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water and lighting in order to maintain the conditions of thermal and lighting comfort and water needs hot and indoor air quality.

Specifically, the indicator captures CO2 kilograms divided by the square footage of the dwelling kgCO2/m²/yr. Those with a ratio of emissions below 6.8kgCO2/m²/yr is assigned the letter A, the highest rating. The worst grade (G) is for buildings that exceed 70.9kgC02/m²/yr.

How expensive is it?

The price of the energy certification is determined for the own characteristics of the each dwelling. Ask us for a quote.

What buildings should be certified?


Generally all the properties for rent or sale. The law includes some exceptions to the buildings must apply for the certificate, but most are not representatives of existing housing.

For example, it is not mandatory for the apartaments leased for less than four months, alone buildings less than 50 sq meters, protected buildings and monuments in its character or appearance, or religious places of worship, temporary buildings altered (for less than two years) and the non-residential sector of industrial and agricultural buildings.

Meanwhile, it will be mandatory for all new buildings and when rehabilitation or renovation of the building with a useful floor area over 1,000 square meters, affecting more than 25% of their total enclosure.

When you have to deliver the certificate?

Owners wishing to sell their homes should be available to buyers this title at the time in which the operation is performed, while in the case of the holiday home must provide a copy to the tenant. That is, you can not apply for the certificate once it has made ​​the sale or lease of the property. This certificate is valid for ten years.



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